Roberta Findlay

The 12th edition of the Offscreen Film Festival, the annual rendez-vous for aficionados of cult cinema, takes place in Brussels from 13 to 31 March. Programmer Dirk Van Extergem is proud to welcome guest of honour Roberta Findlay, not really a household name, but an icon for lovers of sleaze as one of sexploitation’s most prolific filmmakers.

Written by Dirk Van Extergem

From the ’60s to the ’80s she worked as director, actress, cinematographer, screenwriter or distributor on over 40 productions. Her career embraces the heyday of grindhouse cinema in the seedy 42nd Street and Times Square districts of NYC. Like The Deuce, but in real life.

She started out as a factotum alongside her then husband, Michael Findlay, specialising in ‘roughies’: sexploitation featuring BDSM, spanking and other ‘non-standard’ proclivities. She took her place in the director’s chair for the first time on The Slaughter (1971), later re-released as the sensational Snuff, with extra sequences added to suggest a real murder had been committed on screen. After Michael’s tragic death, infamously decapitated by a rogue helicopter blade on the roof of the Pan Am Building in New York, she continued on her own, making many X-rated films such as Angel Number 9. She crossed over into horror and made a killing in the straight-to-video horror market of the ’80s with the visceral urban exploitation hit Tenement: Game of Survival. Aged 71, this energetic pioneer is still kicking ass. The Bronx is coming to Brussels!

Offscreen Film Festival 2019
13-31 Mar – Brussels