How you doin'

Jill Verhaeghe

Yet another one of our former team members has followed their international ambition. And her work, like her photo diary ‘Gotta Balance My Reality’, has an international appeal as well. Since being a photographer for Subbacultcha, Jill has taken the leap and moved to New York City, which she’s telling us all about right here.

Drawing by @munatula, collage & self portrait by Jill Verhaeghe

New York City, USA

What are you up to these days?
I’m wandering around NYC slowly getting used to American culture [laughs]. It’s been quite the ride but in a few months I’ll have my green card and they’ll never get rid of me! This week I have my first art show here in Brooklyn and I already had some fun publications too, so the year has started off promising…

What were you doing for Subbacultcha?
I was taking pictures. Unfortunately right after I started I left Belgium so it was only a short romance!

How do you look back on Subbacultcha?
Subbacultcha gave me my first chance to see my pictures in print and it felt so good to see that edition laying around at my former job (while standing depressed behind the bar [laughs]). It was the moment I took myself more serious as a photographer and I’m grateful for that!

What Subbaculctha band are you (still) listening to?
All the songs my love Sean Michael Raab is making in our little bedroom studio and the music of my dear friend Gavin aka DJ Charme & his Midlife label.

Which records are you playing most right now?
Hate It Here by Pom Pom Squad (a local band I saw playing here and fell in love with), Reject All American by Bikini Kill (a classic) and my jazz Daily Mix on Spotify.

Subbacultcha gave me my first chance to see my pictures in print and it felt so good

Photo by @seanmichaelraab