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Isaline’s expo picks for March

Things we want you to know about and people we want give a little extra support. Magazine editor Isaline is the true mastermind behind the Subbacultcha art and expo features. She’s our human rolodex of just about anyone or anything that is up and coming on the art horizon. Want to have some refreshing input for your agenda next month? Read this.

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Isaline Raes & Herlinde Raeman


Chance & Change

Nine photographers – Arian Christiaens, Bert Bossaert, Els Vandenberghe, Hanne Lamon, Ilse Oosterkamp , Kaat Pype, Marta Marinotti , Neeltje Drijfhout and Sarah Eechaut – subscribed for a masterclass by renowed Dutch photographer Paul Kooiker at FOMU in Antwerpen last year. This exhibition will show the final results of their get-together. For one of the participants, Arian Christiaens, this evolved into her first book. Xenia is a composition of mystical portraits she made of her sister; formerly her brother. Christiaens uses the act of making portraits as an attempt to communicate and understand her sister’s personality. The book will be released on 8 March through APE.

Nucleo Lindenlei, Ghent
9, 10, 16 & 17 March, 11h – 19h
opening on 8 March 18h – 23h

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Spencer Clark’s AVATAR BLUE

This month, US-born, Antwerp-based king of hypnagogic pop and big boss of music label Pacific City Sound Visions Spencer Clark is taking over Het Bos for the release of his new Star Searchers’ album. Avatar Blue is a speculative soundtrack for the sequel of James Cameron’s 2009 epic sci-fi 3D blockbuster, Avatar. For his premiere, Clark has gone all-out and created a parallel occult Avatar universe as the backdrop for an unforgettable concert experience. Expect a three-day expo of Pandorian relics and Na’vi sculptures, a LaserDisc movie theatre showcasing the heyday of Hollywood’s special effects in movies like TC 2000, Hologram Man, Robocop 2 and The Abyss, and loads and loads of outer space cocktails. The final evening will feature personal interpretations of the Avatar world by his co-imagineers James Ferraro, Francesco Cavaliere and Lieven Martens Moana, culminating in a solo performance by the master himself. Say goodbye to your terrestrial self and get yourself avatar blued by diving into Spencer’s hallucinogen Xanadu.

Het Bos, Antwerp
20-23 March
free entrance (expo) / €12 (concert)



With TUFF TITTIES, a duo show with new works by Al Freeman and Loup Sarion, Sorry We’re Closed presents an ode to contradiction, exaggeration and deflation. New-York-based Canadian artist Al Freeman literally drains the function and virility of masculine everyday objects like a kitchen knife, a ball-point pen, a sex toy and a brick wall by turning them into fluffy sculptures made from vinyl stuffed with polyester filler. She makes soft what was previously hard. French artist Loup Sarion, on the other hand, goes the other way with her large-scale wall-mounted tongue sculptures made of fibreglass coated with a mixture of resin and pigment. What was previously warm and soft becomes cold and hard. By perverting their purpose and corrupting their forms, both artists raise questions about role and function.

Sorry We’re Closed, Brussels
Until 22 March