The month of


February quickly makes way for March and we’re more than happy to dive into another month of new events. This month of selection is dedicated to a plain old good night out on the town: a booze meddled dance frenzy between friends and lovers; a hurried elopement from the inevitable goodbyes. The genius behind it all? Cleveland aka Andrea Mancini aka 1/4 of the line up at the upcoming Sunday rave at C12. Full circle, my friends. Party on.

Text and selection by Andrea Mancini


1 March – Botanique, Brussels

Sun’s out… spring vibes are building… feel that super nice warmth on your skin? Homeshake is the tall glass of ‘home’made iced tea you’re gulping down on a beautiful spring night.


Sunday rave w/ Schatrax
+ DJ Athome + Cleveland
3 March – C12, Brussels

In many great cities the best party moments are on Sundays (afternoon / evening) that’s what we’ll try to do this week at C12. So come along and ruin your Monday with us.


1 year Psst Mademoiselle
8 March – Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Psst Mademoiselle equals cutting edge programming (and design) promoting female input to the scene. Super valuable, important and not to be missed.


16 March – TRANS, Antwerp

I will say it again: Gay Haze and SPEK are Belgium’s gems in the party scene. My Antwerp brothers throw a new bash at the super nice Trans venue where I had the best NYE set ever: sweaty, intense and loving – basically everything SPEK is about.


2 years Basic Moves
30 March – Het Bos, Antwerp

Walrus & Islas have put together a highly qualitative label, with sounds from the past and present which sound like the future. They take a lot of care in everything they do, so let’s celebrate for their birthday!


Sunday rave w/ Schatrax + DJ Athome + Cleveland 
5 March – C12, Brussels
Free for members before 20.00

2 years Basic Moves ft. Mike D.M.A. + The Sect3000 + Nosedrip
30 March – Het Bos, Antwerp
Free for members