BOLT RUIN – Psilentze

BOLT RUIN brings dark electronic music that fuses the energy of hardcore punk with the delicacy of classical musicLayers of field-recorded textures, grainy melodies and warped voices collide with fractured rhythms and thunderous basses.

Lead photo by Pieter-Jan Minnebo

BOLT RUIN writes the soundtrack to an overgrown industrial wasteland: drawing grey areas between cinematic beauty and harsh sceneries. One of release highlights is Psilentze: the soundtrack to a storyline that blends characters, scenes and objects to a point were the viewer can’t distinguish what’s happening in the past, present or future. Taped piano fragments pull back and forth while grasping onto a saturated beat. An oddly rearranged Bulgarian choir pushes the song further into transcending spheres. Pure magic. BOLT RUIN’s self-titled debut contains six compositions that span between quiet landscapes and areas struck by disaster, which you can discover on March 29 through Consouling Sounds’ electronic imprint Circuits.

Video directed by Jonas Camps.