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Recent finds by Hannes Rooms

Things we want you to know about and people we want give a little extra support. Serving up today’s recent finds in the category ‘music that makes my mom shake her head’ is Hannes Rooms, whom you might know better as Icy Fake.

Text and selection by Hannes Rooms
Lead photo by Pablo Más



Ghanaian producer Gafacci initially tried to sound like Pharrell but Accra’s street music infiltrated his work. A cross-platform sound somewhere between hip hop and afrobeats, called Azonto, was born. Azonto went mainstream and Gafacci became the go-to producer of major Ghanaian artists. Simultaneously, UK Funky became popular in West Africa. The genre shared uptempo drum patterns with Azonto, and Gafacci was quick to notice. By linking up with UK producers such as Bok Bok, Famous Eno and Mina, he finally found his prefered place in underground club culture. Since then he’s released tracks on Enchufada, Mixpak and his own JOWAA imprint.



Astrid Gnosis

Gabber still reigns in 2019 and today Astrid Gnosis is definitely one of its most exciting preachers. While occasionally infusing gabber with new wave, industrial and trance, she does not refrain from using her own vocals. At the end of last year, Gnosis summarised the annus horribilis on EP Heady through consolidating her ferocious energy for live performance. The EP is more hostile than earlier work: ‘Heady is not about criticism of ignorance, but about the joy in collapse.’ Her alter ego Gnosis is derived from the feminine Greek noun ‘knowledge’, from which Gnosticism takes its name. That ancient religious idea encompasses the insight into humanity’s real nature as divine, leading to the deliverance of the divine spark within humanity from the constraints of earthly existence. Astrid Gnosis is unleashed and about to reveal her otherworldly form.