Recent Finds

Recent finds by Isaline Raes

Things we want you to know about and people we want give a little extra support. Magazine editor Isaline is the true mastermind behind the Subbacultcha art and expo features. She’s our human rolodex of just about anyone or anything that is up and coming on the art horizon. This month Isaline presents you with an option for a cultural hangout in Ghent and Brussels.

Text and selection by Isaline Raes


Nora Turato: Diffusion Line

Nora Turato, the Zagreb-born, Amsterdam-based artist with roots in punk music and graphic design who recently took Manifesta 12 in Palermo by storm, is heading off to Brussels to set the Beursschouwburg on fire with a solo show including video, installation and performance art. Turato’s strongest artistic weapon: her voice. Unlike many other female performance artists she embraces female hysteria and brings it into the open. So don’t expect sexy, soft-spoken words. Turato spits out disruptive text bites drawn from literature, daily conversations, the internet, movies and advertisements at a rapid-fire pace that is comparable to that of our infosphere. Her snappy stream-of-consciousness monologues are striking observations of the here and now that challenge our social and artistic conventions. Provocative verbal vomit to some; vanguard soundscapes blurring the lines between punk music and performance art to others. Prepare to be blown away by her dizzying spoken-word salvos.  

Beursschouwburg, Brussels
Until 23 March
Free entrance



Neighbours Vol.8
Artist Collections’ Group Show

Our beloved downstairs neighbours from gallery and bookshop RIOT are hosting ‘Neighbours Vol.8’, a group show curated by artist Manor Grunewald. He selected about 80 artworks by renowned as well as emerging visual artists hailing from different countries and backgrounds. By stacking them closely together on one monumental wall — a little nod to the Paris Salons — the pieces dialogue with one another and we’ll get to discover the mutual links between them. Thanks to RIOT and Manor Grunewald, the artworks that were once far friends become good neighbours for three months. Grab your chance to meet them.

RIOT, Ghent
Until 20 April
Free entrance