Sergeant – The Forlorn Perplexity of the Petty-Bourgeois Caught up in the Wheels of Capitalism

During his time with Soldier’s Heart and Glints, Ferre Marnef made short pieces of music which can be best described as loops. This collection of loops transformed into cool poppy tracks which he performs live under his Sergeant moniker. As a first single Sergeant offers us The Forlorn Perplexity of the Petty-Bourgeouis Caught up in the Wheels of Capitalism. A mesmerizing track combining pulsating basslines, psychedelica and intriguing vocals. As you will hear, Sergeant is a project you need to experience live, so block January 31 in your agenda and discover him together with the Borokov Borokov boys. Will be a very interesting show!

Photo by Aurelie Bayad

31 Jan – Volta, Brussels
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