Roméo Poirier
– Monte Cristo

Seeing his resumé, it’s no suprise Brussels based Roméo Poirier is very intrigued by water. Lifeguard by day, musician by night: his work is flooded with water. His debut EP ‘Surfaces’ was a soundtrack to four of his favourite swimming pools; the follow up album ‘Plage Arrière’ was an ode to eight Greek beaches. So it’s now surprise the video for his new track Monte Cristo has a link with water as well. Video artist  Irene P. Tello explores the sensorial and meditative possibilities to turn bizarre forms into aquatic waves of sound. The idea of the video is to contextualize the prison of Monte Cristo through a fictional story as a getaway for prisoners who spend their time sketching maps of maritime routes and submarines to escape the prison. Monte Cristo is out on Romanian label Misbits Recordings.

Catch Roméo Poirier live:
08/02 – Beursschouwburg (solo)
09/02 – Trix (drums with Marc Melia)