Lost Album


Science says that the music you love as a pimple popping teenager shapes your taste forever. Blame (or thank?) all those pesky pubertal growth hormones for making everything we’re experiencing seem extremely important. No wonder many of these Lost Album selections dig up records that were once true badges of identity for many. This month Jill Krecké – history of arts and archeology student by day, deejaying as Gurl by night – skips way back to one very special Summer with a Boards of Canada album.

Which album would you like us to discover?
Music Has the Right to Children by electronic duo Boards of Canada.

When did you first listen to it?
I guess I was about 16 years old, one of my closest friends had introduced me to their music. I got hooked right away and checked out all of their productions, but I got particularly interested in this album. I had rarely heard anything this special at that time.

It enables me to travel back in time and remember

Why do you want to recover this album?
Because it really brings me back to my teenage years and to a special Summer where a lot of things were happening and changing. It enables me to travel back in time and remember. I also find it astonishing that I still feel the same about this album after 8-9 years. I guess it will always be a part of me. I’m very thankful to have discovered this record, it really widened my musical spectrum and was therefore quite important for my ‘education’. Music that makes you discover new horizons is one of the most beautiful gifts in my opinion.

For fans of?
Daydreams and explorations.

What’s your favourite song on the album?
Pete Standing Alone.

I feel inspired when listening to it because it allows my mind to wander

It’s hard to choose just one track from this album because they’re all unique and beautiful in their own way. But Pete Standing Alone is one of the tracks with the most intensity in my opinion. I feel very inspired when I listen to it because it allows my mind to wander.


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