Photo Essay

Jan Martens

Since 2010, Belgian choreographer Jan Martens has danced his way into our hearts with performances nurtured by the belief that each body can communicate and has something to say. Think of the love duet Sweat Baby Sweat (2011), his odes to unconventional beauty like Bis (2012) and his latest, Rule Of Three (2017), a hectic dialogue between three dancers and the steamy noises delivered by our fave American hyperkinetic drummer, NAH.

Photos by Stine Sampers, shot in Leuven
Text by Isaline Raes

For his new piece, Passing The Bechdel Test, a coproduction between his own platform GRIP and Leuven’s fABULEUS, Martens has stepped away from dance – a ballsy move – and created a text-based performance together with 13 f/x youngsters that draws an eye-opening snapshot of gender diversity and equality in today’s world. The 13 young FAABs (female assigned at birth) crawl into each other’s minds and act as razor-sharp mouthpieces for female authors and personalities from Susan Sontag to Solange Knowles, citing from tweets and lyrics to journals and love letters. A must-see and soon-to-be iconic piece.


Rule of Three: Grip/Jan Martens
12 Dec – STUK, Leuven
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