Hannah De Meyer

Photo by Tiny Geeroms.

Hannah De Meyer graduated in 2015 from the Maastricht Theater Academy. Inspired by the work of a generation of activist writers working on decolonisation, sci-fi feminism and ecology, De Meyer has created an answer to this, a show called new skin. She claims: ‘Theatre as we know it is not that common around the world – getting together to watch something, without the fear of being bombed or being arrested for something you say or do on stage. Many places in the world are not safe enough to do that. That makes me want do something kind and light-hearted rather than dramatic. Something like walking in nature, a landscape with trees and stars, and a sky.’

New Skin is about determination, anger and love. It’s about the connection Hannah De Meyer feels with the young generation of anti-racist writers, climate activists and economists who stand up. This piece is about people born into a broken world and being angry about it. The situation forces young people to find alternative ways for success and prosperity, and De Meyer admires the anger that comes with it.

New Skin

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