We Are The World
We Are The Children

Unity, solidarity, harmony: words that have never been truly practiced, and certainly not in recent times. At least it used to be a shameful, unspoken truth that basically it’s the antonyms ruling the world. Division, antagonism, dissonance; me first, and anyone who says otherwise can suck it – pretty much the political slogan of 2018. But as we slowly trek into 2019, it may help to look back at the days when venues and radio stations and TVs were filled with chants that stated the obvious: we are all one and the same. If everything is to be commodified, here’s a resolution for ya: make goodwill mass market again. Help empathy go mainstream. Write a new jingle for kinship.

Features : Sergeant, AMMAR 808, Oli XL, scene report Brussels, Egon Van Herreweghe & Thomas Min

Front cover: Sergeant shot by Aurélie Bayad in Brussels

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Contributing writers: Gabriela González, Isaline Raes, Julien Van de Casteele, Hannes Rooms, Dries Robbe, Helena Kritis, Isabel Elwood, Loïs Rijgersberg, Dennis Meersman, Eléonore Kenis, Wannes Dewit, Jacob McPherson, Asli Ozyurek, Glen Van Muylem, Giulia Menegale, Anaïs Violet Van Eldere & Bledarte Collective

Contributing photographers: Stine Sampers, Tiny Geeroms, Oliver Sehlstedt, Femke Fredrix, Aurélie Bayad, Yaqine Hamzaoui, Oli XL, Imane Azizi & Femi Kidjo

Contributing artists: Egon Van Herreweghe & Thomas Min

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