Jennifur – Falling Birds

Jennifur is a project by Hector Devriendt. As Jennifur, he made an album called What happened between 2015 and 2018. Every track is a snapshot of the emotions he grappled with and reflects how he experienced the world around him throughout those three years.  Jennifur gave us a short explanation about the whole concept:
“During the making of the album, my feelings no longer felt like a part of me and I watched as the tracks themselves became the real holders of my feelings. Although this could be liberating, there were certain emotions I wanted to keep on cherishing. A track was never finished until it allowed me to relive my emotions through it. One evening, when trying to describe how he felt when listening to the tracks, my father, Lucas Devriendt, described a kind of melancholy: “Alone in a room, alone and rummaging through empty beers and uncooperative trash. Collecting and replaying the sounds in and on the walls of the “party”. Gathering up fragments and pieces, unwilling to throw them away. Not wanting to part with any of it, and yet secretly.” My father put into words exactly how I want to return to those moments and relive them.” 
As a great introduction to this project, you can retrieve some memories about the past years with our favourite track ‘Falling Birds’.

The full album is out today.