Lucian Moreau – Martyr

Lucian Moreau (some might know him as Loïc Meulenberg) started working on his debut EP PREQUEL two years ago. All in a haze, he made a handful of compositions in just a few days. For the next period he only worked on this project, adding some new elements to each track. The full EP gives you a perfect image of what the past years sounded/felt like for Lucian Moreau. 2 years in 12 minutes. Now he can finally share his EP with the world.
One day before the release, you can already listen to our favorite track ‘Martyr’ here on Subbacultcha. A cello takes the leading role in this mesmerizing composition slowly getting covered by layers of conversation, dark vocals and deep basslines.

Loïc had some final deep words (in Dutch) when talking about his EP: “De geluiden, het artwork: het is misschien net niet wat het zou moeten zijn, maar dat is het nooit. Daar draait het net om”