The Sound Of Me

Diego Tonino Cozzi

We’ve all done it in our teenage years: staring out the window from the backseat of your parents car, pretending you’re in a music video. Chasing raindrops along the glass and blasting whatever suited your mood through cheap earbuds so everyone else was forced to enjoy your carefully selected playlist too. These Sound of Me articles are basically the same, minus the teen drama, but with the assurance that people will actually be interested in what you’re spinning. This month Diego Tonino Cozzi – hairdresser, DJ, and drama expert at Gay Haze – blessed us with a 6 fold listening extravaganza based on some key life moments we can all relate to.


A song for waking up

I need longer than just one song to wake up! This mix by Hunee that he made 8 years ago (and has aged so well) does the job perfectly. I remember listening to it again and again, morning after morning. It’s all without beat-matching dj transitions and full of beautifully diverse songs. It’s a perfect start to the day.

A song for making out

This beautiful slowjam by Daniel Wang makes me horny AF + I just found out that my friend Stijn a.k.a. Sixisixsixties has edited this really cool video and I didn’t know that… crazy!

A song for nostalgic moments

This could have been so many different tracks but I’ll go with this one by Roman Flugel. It’s a silly club track. I was around 13 when this came out and heard it for the first time at a luna park in Italy. The bass, the synthetic sounds and the cowbells got me so hard, I went back every night to the luna park just to hear this song. I asked the dj “What is this?” and he only answered “It’s house music”. So for me this was my first definition of house music.

A song for going out

Again this could have been a hundred and one different songs but for now I’m thinking about this one by Erasure. It’s a good peak time track at Gay Haze for example.

A song for on the road

Some people say that I’m listening too much electronic music. Thing is that I don’t even really listen to it. I just keep skipping and it drives them crazy. But sometimes I do like a good album too and I think this song by Massimiliano Pagliara is a nice one for on the road. This track is on a much older album called Focus for Infinity. He released a new one recently that is fantastic too; it’s called Feel Live. Check him out he’s my favourite producer out there.

A song for your funeral

I don’t know why this one exactly. Maybe I’d prefer no music at all… just the sound of all my family and friends crying out loud is ok.


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