Lost Album

Felix Van de Loock

Does anyone else keep hitting repeat on those Your Time Capsule and Your Summer Rewind playlists that Spotify curates for you? No? Just us? They’re like a fuzzy blanket that’s being draped over you, comforting and heartwarming… much like these Lost Album selections are for the person hunting them down in their own music archives. This time around Cactus Muziekcentrum programmer Felix Van de Loock takes us al the way back to his student days with – in his words – a ‘mean psycho bluesrock motherfucker’.

Photo by Wowee Zowee

Which album would you like us to discover?
Derdang Derdang by Archie Bronson Outfit.

When did you first listen to it?
2007. I found it as a student in the only box of vinyl they had at the Bilbo of Bruges (rip). They played Cactusfestival and my friends and I all loved their songs and the way they looked so effortlessly cool on stage with their beards and sunglasses. Later I saw them play Cactus Club with their follow up record Coconut and they all wore weird African robes and rocked so hard. Mega fun show! I still have a beard but never copied the robe thing…

Why do you want to recover this album?
It’s a mean psycho bluesrock motherfucker and still one of the most exciting ‘rock’ records I’ve heard to date.

For fans of?
Fuzzy guitars, mad scream-sung vocals, a lot of alcohol, and all around maniacal craziness.

What’s your favourite song on the album?

Part drunken football hymn, part maniacal nursery rhyme, topped off with the dirtiest guitar screech possible

Because it’s part drunken football hymn and part maniacal nursery rhyme build around a riff that really shouldn’t work, all topped off with the dirtiest guitar screech possible.


Wand + Leopard Skull
17 November – Biekorf (Cactus), Bruges
20:00 – €16 – Free for members