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November finds

Things we want you to know about and people we want give a little extra support. Sit back for a little easy perusing through the November recent finds. The team guides you with some gentle nudges in the direction of new things to listen to and exciting places to visit.

Selected by Herlinde, Hannes, Isaline, Jana, and Sofie.



Marginalia are illustrations which can be found in the ornamental framework of medieval manuscripts. These hidden drawings show absurd, humorous or even perverted scenes played out by animistic and spiritual characters. Marginalia is also an outdoors exhibition, hosted by STOCK and In De Ruimte, located in the arcadian landscape of a residential neighbourhood in Sint-Denijs-Westrem. Twenty-one artists are invited to show work in this park, such as Jonathan Paepens, Simon Bultynck, Sibran Sampers, Xavier Mary and many more. The exhibition is curated by Koi Persyn, who was artist in resident there last summer.

until 11 November – Leiepark, Sint-Denijs-Westrem
14.00 – 18.00, free entrance




Exactly five years ago, Kelela’s breakthrough mixtape CUT 4 ME saw the light of day or rather, the gloom of dawn a game changer for both producers as alternative or modern R&B artists. Back then, Kelela Mizanekristos linked up with the Fade to Mind family to create this eerie sound in support of her prodigious falsetto hooks in which the original tracks already resembled remixes. Now an actual remix collection of her debut album, Take Me Apart, appropriately called TAKE ME A_PART, THE REMIXES, recalls the boldness of those early days.

The guest artists were carefully picked by Kelela herself and co-producer Asmara and represent ‘a global diaspora of innovative emerging and established artists,’ Kelela explains. ‘I obsessed over production choices on the album and my only solace was knowing that the songs would be reimagined in this way. So it’s not just a bunch of remixes, it’s how my worldwide community of producers and DJs communicate through difference.’ Among the line-up you might recognise producers like Gaika, Kaytranada, LSDXOXO or Kareem Lofty, but there’s more to discover. Sounds resonating from underground basements worldwide are introduced: hear Badsista and Linn da Quebrada bring baile to the table, Hitmakerchinx add his quaint FDM kicks, Nidia some batida, Divoli S’vere ballroom to vogue to, Joey LaBeija a neo perreo drum pattern and DJ LAG his trademark gqom. And although remix albums often only provide club tools to DJs, this package goes further by presenting the songs in a different way yet in the end the remix album still stands as a piece of art on its own. Once again, Kelela and her team challenge the definition of R&B pop stars.


Gouvernement & CAMPO:
Always In The Kitchen

Gouvernement teams up with CAMPO to install an IKEA® kitchen as the setting for their arts festival. On the first week’s menu: theatre and text by Dounia Mahammed, Hof van Eede, Tibaldus and Angelo Tijssens. Using the kitchen as their stage, they’ll create a ‘kitchen scene’ played by actors of their choice. During the second week, Bent Van Looy and Martena Duss will offer a refreshing expo stuffed with work by artists such as Kasper De Vos, Nel Aerts and Dennis Tyfus. The last masterchefs who’ll invade the kitchen are musician Micha Volders and video producer Jaak De Digitale. Inspired by soundtracks from legendary ‘kitchen’ cartoon scenes, they’ll take you on a motley video SLASH live music trip.

until 25 November – Gouvernement, Ghent
free entrance



Margarita Maximova:
You’re On Your Own
– And All Over The Place

Be prepared to get doused by a waterfall of emotions plucked from the worldwide web. In her debut solo show, Maximova questions our digital era wherein we rather consult mother internet than talk to friends or family, and bare our souls by posting messages without considering its impact. Our digital devices are interfering with our face-to-face interactions, we’re losing grip on our real sentiments and although we’re hyperconnected, we feel lonely. By digging into a multiplicity of diagnoses, Maximova analyses psychological and emotional concepts that relate to this new world.

until 21 December – Beursschouwburg, Brussels
free entrance




This autumn De Roma joins forces with the Holebi Film Festival and welcomes a fierce and furious female hip-hopper to its big screen. SILVANA is a music documentary about Silvana Imam, a female rapper who’s taken Sweden by storm.

When you think of hip-hop and rap, you almost automatically think of men and misogynistic songs. With her uncompromising lyrics against all forms of oppression (sexism, racism, homophobia…) Swedish rapper Silvana Imam feels like a breath of fresh air. She uses her razor-sharp tongue to spotlight movements taking place in today’s society, embodying the voice of a new generation along the way. SILVANA isn’t only a movie about an intimate love story between two women, it’s also a filmic journey through the first years of a contemporary feminist icon’s career. Silvana may initially come across as a Power Woman,  but after just one year in the limelight she crashes under the pressure. She decides to show a more fragile side of herself ‘because there are no super-heroes, just human beings.’

The screening of the film isn’t just a celebration of music and love; above all, we want to create a safe place where all members of the LGBTQ+ community can enjoy the freedom of being who they truly are.

21 Nov De Roma, Antwerp
20.00 – €8 – free for members



House of Lux:
Queerly Beloved 3.0

Throw some glitter on your face and head over to the Scala Theatre in Ghent for the biggest installment of Queerly Beloved yet. Born in the lap of Ghent-based queer collective House of Lux, after a brand new performance by the drag house you can show your own charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent on the dance floor. Mother Mauve Lux and her four babies – the outrageous Susan from Grindr, the fierce queen Krietjur, the adorable Scandi Louse and the otherworldly Electra – finally give Ghent the queer party we’ve all been looking for.

10 Nov – Theater Scala, Ghent
20.00 – €7



Closet of Records, Tapes & Paper

Fall doesn’t just bring pumpkin spice lattes and confusion about what to wear, it also means the return of your favourite events after the summer break. Het Bos used the downtime to restock its store with a unique selection of records, tapes and paper items for you to browse through on Thursday nights. These little gems come directly from the source and all sales go straight to the artists. Various local and international DIY labels will be there as well to showcase their work firsthand (for free!). First up in November are Manuel Mota, Roman Hiele and Christophe Albertijn.

Every Thursday night – Het Bos, Antwerp
free entrance



BCAA System
Right from Here Everything Is Flickering

Next episode of BCAA system’s solo exhibition Right From Here Everything Is Flickering takes place in Ghent’s In De Ruimte experimental space and will be accompanied by live shows and DJ sets. The entire event will be livestreamed online. First time in Belgium empowered by Slagwerk and PERRON ZES.

23 November – In De Ruimte, Ghent
16.00 – Exhibition and livestream – Free
21.00 – Afterparty – €5