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Femke Gyselinck

Femke is taking the stage with her brother Lander to explore their interest in each other’s job in Flamer. To say that we’re mesmerised by their talents might be an understatement, but we’re also curious to know where Femke is spending her free time this month while performing all over Belgium. As dancer pur sang and artistic assistant for Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker she’s sure to have a fascinating look on the plethora of events that are coming up in November. See if you can make it to any (or all!) of her recommendations.

Text by Femke Gyselinck
Photo by Robbrecht Desmet


Bâtard Festival
1 & 2 Nov – Beursschouwburg, Brussels
3 Nov – Decoratelier, Brussels

It has become a personal tradition to visit the Bâtard festival at Beurschouwburg every year in November. It’s a platform for non-established artists, thinkers and writers that bring theatre, dance, performance, film, a discursive program and a publication. This year the festival will also take place at the Decoratelier in Molenbeek; another reason to go and check it out.


Veva Leye
8 Nov – Croxhapox, Ghent

Veva Leye is presenting her book with the enigmatic title HAP AX LE GO ME NON at Croxhapox in Ghent on the 8th of November. For this occasion she invited a divers group of other artists to join her. The evening will be filled with readings, performances, film and music by Els Van Riel & Stevie Wishart, Samuel Vriezen, Jan Op de Beeck and buren.


Atlas Unlimited
Andros Zinsbrowne & Karthik Pandian
until 16 Dec, Netwerk Aalst

The glimpses of images with (real) camels, carnaval experts and different visual artists working in the spaces of Netwerk Aalst look very promising. Taking place across a number of international venues, Atlas Unlimited changes and adapts to its specific context, as a succession of “acts” at each location. The first three acts take place in Netwerk Aalst and introduce a backdrop painting, sculptural fragments and artefacts that depict and re-enact squares, monuments and mise-en-scènes from Caïro, Palmyra, Ouarzazate, Marrakech and Aalst, including the atelier of the Syrian sculptor Zakaria Almoutlak.


NEXT Festival
8 Nov until 1 Dec
Lille – Kortrijk – Tournai – Valenciennes

Another festival taking place during the month of November is the divers program of NEXT Festival with a variety of artists like Antonia Baehr, Jan Martens, Forced Entertainment, Mette Edvardsen and Nature Theater of Oklahoma to just pick a few!


21 Nov – STUK, Leuven
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