Economy Of Freedom

You can ascribe monetary value to anything you can think of: cars, jewelry, pound cake, ostrich feathers. Indeed, anything at all – so long as others want what you have. What about jumping over cliffs, running mindlessly through untamed wilderness, blinking the salt water out of your eyes as you float undisturbed over the vastest of oceans? Yes, for sure. Freedom isn’t for everyone, and we can’t all afford it. They do say it’s worth more than gold, so cash it in if you can; otherwise, pass it around. Don’t they also say that nowadays? That the sharing economy is the future?

Features : Eartheater, Jan Martens, Jameszoo & Espace Moss

Front cover: Eartheater shot by Yael Malka in New York

Editors in chief: Herlinde Raeman & Kasper-Jan Raeman
Magazine editors: Julien Van de Casteele & Isaline Raes
Copy editor: Megan Roberts
Design: Chloe D’hauwe
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Printer: Drukkerij GEWADRUPO, Arendonk, Belgium

Contributing writers: Gabriela González, Isaline Raes, Julien Van de Casteele, Zofia Ciechowska, Hannes Rooms, Sofie Steenhaut, Jana Tricot, Dries Robbe, Herlinde Raeman, Dennis Meersman, Valerio Spinosa, Matias Calderon, Anaïs Violet Van Eldere, Eléonore Kenis & Yente Vaneerdewegh

Contributing photographers: Yael Malka, Bibi Euse, Catherine Lemblé, Rashidam Nassyrova, Stine Sampers & Tiny Geeroms

Contributing artist: Moussa Cheniguel

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