The Sound Of Me

Hortense Van den Brande

Playlists are like diary entries. Personal. Often hidden away. Usually connected to a moment or a feeling, and always ready to dig up some forgotten memories with fierce intensity. They accompany us through lazy mornings and hyper Friday evenings and provide soundtracks for even the most mundane moments of our lives. We asked QUIVER co-organiser Hortense Van den Brande to reveal a playlist of cornerstone songs that are quintessentially Hortense. With QUIVER the aim is to let grey and experimental sounds clash with other challenging forms of art. Will Hortense’s picks immerse you into that same dark and intimate world? Get listening!


A song for waking up to

This song is perfect to listen to when you’ve already hit the snooze button 4 times and you are in that wonderful dreamy place between sleep and waking up. I’m looking forward to his set on our next QUIVER show on the 25th of October at Minus One, Ghent.


A song to shamelessly sing along to

I’m in LOVE with SOPHIE. Her sound design is mind-blowing and it’s incredible how she combines harsh experimental tracks with guilty pleasure popsongs. Immaterial is a song I can shamelessly sing along to. I secretly hope that I can work with someone like her someday.


A song that gives you energy

LYZZA is my favourite female powerhouse of the moment. The first thing I thought when I discovered this song was: “Slay Girl, Slay”. This song is an instant confidence booster! 


A song to immerse yourself in

My idea of “me time” is lying in bed with my eyes closed and immerse myself in an album like Third Law by Roly Porter. The atmosphere of this album is so intense that it’s hard to describe it in a few words. I would strongly suggest taking the time to lay down in a darkened room and really listen to it with headphones.


A song for on the road

I spend an average of 4 hours a day commuting from Ghent to Hasselt by train. This opera by Philip Glass is a trip on its own and is the ideal soundtrack for any long-distance journey. You will be at your destination before you know it!


A song that inspires you

This song inspires my professional ambitions. I’m obsessed with soundtracks and find it amazing to see that a lot of my favourite artists find their way to making film scores. In my opinion, this is untouched potential for a lot of talented Belgian artists.


QUIVER presents:
Dialect & JC Leisures + BOLT RUIN + Aram Santy
25 October – Minus One, Ghent
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