Kilbourne plays ‘Blade’

Wouter Vanhaelemeesch, head of the music programme at Vooruit, is one of the curators of the brand new VIDEODROOM festival that was launched as part of Film Fest Gent. The festival explores a unique crossover universe, balancing between cinema and music. Out of the smashing line-up featuring audiovisual shows by artists like Aïsha Devi, Abyss X, Lena Willikens, GAIKA and many more, Vanhaelemeesch picks Ashe Kilbourne’s rescore for vampire classic Blade as a personal favourite.  

‘Don’t know how you’re feeling about the sorry state of the world nowadays, but I could really use a Wesley Snipes intervention at this point. The Wesley I’m thinking off is the one that’s always staring at me from the cover of those countless second-hand DVDs you can find at pretty much every flea market. You know the one I’m talking about: black leather outfit, way-too-cool shades and Samurai sword in hand. It’s the iconic cover of 1998 b-movie Blade, in which he plays a stoic badass who’s part vampire, part black superhero stalking and killing evil lurking bloodsuckers left and right. I’m guessing that just like me, transgender producer and DJ Ashe Kilbourne saw this cult classic many times on cable in the early ’00s.’

‘I can’t be sure, though, what drew her to the idea of completely reworking the score into a masterpiece of post-gabber insanity and atmospheric power ambient. But by God, does she breathe new life into this already underrated flick. Watching the classic ‘blood rave’ opening scene on my laptop with this new happy hardcore soundtrack cranked to 11 on my headphones gave me a tingle of joy. I literally can’t wait to experience this reconstructed cinematic horror masterpiece on the big screen.’

Kilbourne plays Blade
11 October, Vooruit, Ghent

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