Time To Dance

‘STUK aims to be a house where artists can create and present work that goes beyond disciplines or media, be it in the format of a concert setting, installation, public space or theater hall. In terms of dance STUK is one of the most important places in Belgium, because Charlotte Vandevyver (dance programmer) has created a profound base for the dance community for the past couple of years,’ dixit Gilles Helsen (music and sound art programmer at STUK). We were curious and decided to have a closer look at 3 of the performances in the upcoming months.

Text by Giulia Menegale & Lynn Cailliau

Deep Etude: Alma Söderberg

4 October – STUK, Leuven

The relationship between the performer and the rhythm is a recurrent motif in Alma Söderberg’s work.  As with previous performances, improvisation is an important element. Composing helps her to make room for dancing: her dance turns out to be based on improvised movements driven by a descriptive attitude. Deep Etude is not only a reflection on rhythm from a musical perspective, but the core of the conversation is shifted to the level of subject matters. According to Söderberg, rhythm is more than an ideal: it is a sort of readymade whose nature has to be discovered. ‘Does the rhythm remain a vehicle for something else to be transmitted? Can it never transmit itself?’  Or: ‘Is she (the artist is referring to the rhythm as a ‘she’) an inclusive vehicle? Or is she at least capacious, roomy?’ Exercising the poly-rhythmic attitude throughout Deep Etude is the physical and spiritual training needed on the long way that leads to the answers.


Flamer: Femke & Lander Gyselinck

21 November – STUK, Leuven

Lander and Femke Gyselinck are brother and sister with a big passion for each other’s interests. He’s a musician, she’s a dancer with a special love for Jenny from the Block. One of her numbers is the starting point for the duo’s performance Flamer– named after a contraction of their names. For the occasion, Lander and Femke change roles: he gets on the dancing floor, while she takes control of the drums, both showing their most vulnerable side.


12 December – STUK, Leuven

Loyal subba members, this piece might ring a bell to you: Jan Martens is back alongside rebellious American producer and drummer NAH. Their piece RULE OF THREE is a cross between a concert and a collection of stories written with bodies, light, music, costumes and text. An eager meditation that – like our time – is based on contradictions: between draining and explosion, between intuition and reason.


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