Amnesia Scanner

Amnesia Scanner, Berlin-based experimental club group are playing in Belgium and we cannot let it slide by unnoticed. Maintaining their anonymity since first surfacing online in 2014 with obscure music videos on YouTube, for the first time the shadowy enigmatic duo steps out into the light with the release of their debut LP Another Life on Berlin label PAN.

Text by Dennis Meersman

On Another Life Amnesia Scanner, created by Finnish-born Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala, invokes a feeling of listening to a top 10 CD through a radio with its wiring exposed. They present a remarkably varying track list ranging from OPN-esque synth-based experimentation to catchy pop melodies, but with a consistent saturated tone that more often resembles a playlist of a back-alley club in a dystopian technocratic metropolis as opposed to your local Starbucks selection. Amnesia Scanner’s approach is informed by a perspective on technology; system vulnerabilities, information overload and sensory excess. The narration of a cybernetic apocalypse that is the present.

The new album is the logical follow-up to their acclaimed 2014 mixtape AS Live [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ], and the 2015 EP’s AS and AS Truth. They managed to produce their own distinctive sonic world although each project has its own approach. According to their label, on Another Life they explore conventional pop structures and ‘Avant-EDM’. Throughout the listen, they sagaciously combine human and inhuman voices. Respectively: the voice of PAN-associate Pan Daijing, and the disembodied computerized voice called Oracle.

Visuals are a major part of the AS experience. Their live show in Vooruit will also be accompanied by a strong visual direction co-created with Stockholm-based Canadian designer Vincent De Belleva.

Vooruit & Slagwerk present: Gazelle Twin + ssaliva
20 Sep – Vooruit, Ghent
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