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Naomi Greenstein

24, Sagittarius
Website: naomigreenstein.com (coming soon)
Subbacultcha member since:
January 2018


Tell us, what do you do in life?
I study graphic design and work in a coffee bar. I’m not a cliché, you are!

What do you like best about your place?
My plants, the light and the fact that there is plenty of space to breathe.

What kind of music are you listening to at the moment?
Lately it’s been a strange mix of what I like to call ‘sexy music’, Middle Eastern tunes and throwbacks. Whatever floats my boat.

Photo by Leontien Allemeersch

What’s the first record you bought?
Sugababes’ ‘Three’. A classic.

What’s your favourite pastime?
Having a drink with friends and sewing stuff for them and myself. I’ve recently enjoyed experimenting with all types of textiles.

Any guilty pleasures?
Some would find my deep love for Ronnie Flex and happy hardcore a guilty pleasure, but no shame here.

I study graphic design and work in a coffee bar. I’m not a cliché, you are!

If you could be famous, what kind of celebrity would you be?
A drag queen or one of those famous grandmothers who always wear the same colour. Torn between pink and orange…

Have you experienced any regrets recently?
Putting my bike keys in a really safe place where I definitely wouldn’t lose them and immediately forgetting where that place was. Life without a bike is tough for a Dutch girl.

Which future Subbacultcha show are you looking forward to?
Infinite Bisous at Madame Moustache.

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