Kasper-Jan Selects: Feeërieën

Feeërieën is a festival that transforms Warandepark into the most magical place of Brussels for 5 days. A free festival to get to know some new emerging artists, this year with Klein and the Principe crew from Lisbon.


29 August

A self-taught musician, South London’s Klein is an artist who’s neoteric vision has seen her quickly become one of the UK’s most intriguing and unpinnable producers and performers. Her theatrical approach to composition is played out through organic layers of her own vocals, pitched and stretched out, using her voice as an instrument in a way that leaves it sounding electronic and hyper-real.

Principe label night

31 August

The neighbourhoods in the outskirts of Lisbon are not only home to social housing, but also to Europe’s most thrilling new music scene. An adequate name to describe this frantic mix of high-tempo African dance music, techno and trance, mainly made with early 00s software FruityLoops, remains elusive. But it might be the new grime, and DJ Marfox is undoubtedly one of its masters guiding a new generation of young dj’s on to the European stages.

DJ Firmeza

It’s under the name DJ Firmeza that 23-year-old Cilio Manuel is spilling chaos across Lisbon’s Afro-Portuguese club scene. Firmeza’s stunning take on ‘batida’, usually described as the ‘ghetto’ sound of Lisbon, puts him under the umbrella with young producers on their way to join leading figures of the scene, such as DJ Marfox and DJ Nigga Fox.

DJ Nervoso

DJ Lycox

27 – 31 August
Warandepark, Brussels
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