Kasper-Jan Selects : HORST

Let me put you in a situation. Imagine a wonderful environment surrounded by woods, water and a beautiful castle. Imagine that within this environment you can enjoy a selection of artists and first class music. This is the classic HORST experience. The festival celebrates its fifth but also last edition with an excellent broad-spectrum music programme accompanied by top notch visual arts and architecture.


7 September

François Boulanger explores a more atmospheric, almost dreamy side of his work under the name Ssaliva. An evolution that makes sense on stage; the images that accompany his live performances come from places that he has been exploring himself. For years Ssaliva has been documenting his universe to create an ethereal place where his music will play forever.

DMX krew

08 September

What began as some sort of revival of the most eccentric sounds of the 80s (like boogie, freestyle or electro-break), has become one of the most acclaimed, essential and prolific names of the British electronic music. With more than 20 LP’s and countless EP’s behind his back DMX krew aka Edward Upton has gone through all styles of music always demonstrating an unprecedented musical knowledge. Capable of playing the perfect boogie session, as well as turning a track upside down with the most broken and crazy beats, or giving life to Michael Jackson as a way to close the night.


9 September

As in a fusion food recipe Phoebe Guillemot mixes ingredients from different corners of the planet; exotic samples, tribal percussions and voices from different latitudes. Her music comes from a place that only exists in the imagination of Aussie artist RAMZi. Allow yourself to shake around on the tunes of this tasty chef.

Motor City Drum Ensemble

9 September

Danillo Plessow’s alias refers both to the proximity of the car factories in Stuttgart, his hometown, as to his love for the techno and house of Detroit, the city of the engine.MCDE produces melodious and terribly energetic house music, with a 80-90’s vibe although not preventing him from advancing in more contemporary electronics.

Children of the Light

Behind the mysterious name hides a collaboration between two visual artists: the Norwegian Christopher Gabriel and Dutchman Arnout Hulskamp. Children of the Light make use of light and the different qualities of their spectrum (refraction, reflection, brightness) in sets and audiovisual installations, altering the perception of our environment.

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