Partners – Junky Relations

Partners surprise and challenge us to finally charm us. Their new work ‘Junky Relations’ is a multisensory experience in every way. The electronics combined with noise, introduce us to a post apocalyptic atmosphere, where distorted voices merge with metallic sounds, police sirens, gunshots, rain and bells. An environment that surrounds us and catches us to let us enter a kind of trance. We are eager to discover more about their new work at Different Class @ Bar Bricolage, 11 August.

‘In this song we sample a tape recording of the beat generation poet William Burroughs.  ‘Junky Relations’ appears on the album Break Through In Gray Room, a collection of tape recordings, first released in 1986 on the Brussels based label, Sub Rosa. Graphically, we worked with a photo of Burroughs taken on the set of the film adaptation of his book Naked Lunch. The atmosphere of Naked Lunch as well as ‘Junky Relations’ suits our concept ‘the city of freaks’. This city and its characters living there, is something we want to explore within our music.’

Partners play Different Class, 11 August, Bar Bricolage, Ghent
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