Micro Festival

After you spent a whole week in Liège enjoying life by la Meuse with the afterglow of Supervue festival, it’s time to head to Micro Festival. Once again, the guys from JauneOrange have gathered a beautiful  lineup. Here are the five artists that you should not miss!

text by Ana Laborie

Condor Gruppe

These psychedelic rockers from Antwerp take you back to the dry and dusty Wild West with their instrumental B-movies soundtrack-like tunes. Pack your revolver, hop on your horse and sit tight ‘cause you’re goin’ on a trip, boy.

Flavien Berger

With smooth and sinuous rhythms with sparks of the French touch, the self-taught composer brings a fresh air to the French music scene. A mix that surprises and delights us at the same time.


For this recipe you will need a pinch of Dutch know-how, a good portion of Zimbabwe rhythm and a few drops of Portuguese sun. If you mix everything well you’ll get something similar to Bruxas. With African rhythms, these two white guys will spell your feet and you will not be able to stop dancing.

Rizan Said

Give way to the king of the keyboard! Rizan Said plays techno trance based on traditional Syrian Kurdish music. With over 20 years in the new scene of modern Syrian music, he has become one of the most relevant artists in the Middle East. A must-see experience.


We’ve been big fans of the Atlanta post-punk trio Omni for a while now. the band pushes their limits to create a bright, dexterous piece of post-punk, the band deftly breaking down and restarting the rhythm while maintaining the feeling that the song is constantly growing tighter and tighter. We are delighted to be able to count on their presence at Micro Festival.

Micro festival will take place at ESPACE 251 NORD, Liège from August 2 till August 4. The festival is free for members, make sure to make your reservation at before 27 July.  Join us here.