Bear Bones, Lay Low

Since his father gave him an electric guitar at the age of 12 he did not stop making music. The Venezuelan Ernesto González, also known as Bear Bones, Lay Low and part of Viper Pit and Tav Exotic, shares his contagious ’buenas vibras’ (good vibes in Spanish) with us while we’re looking forward to his show at Supervue next week.

Interview by Ana Laborie
Photos by Gabriela González

Where are you now?

Right now I am in Exarchia, the anarchist neighborhood of Athens. I came here with my band Tav Exotic to play and enjoy. 

Can you introduce yourself?

I am a musician. That is what occupies all my time. It’s what I have been doing all my life and it’s what I like to do. But other than that, I’m just a normal person who likes to go out with his ‘panas’ (friends in Venezuelan slang), to travel and have a beer.

When did you start making music?

I started at 12 when my father bought me and my sister an electric guitar, and since then I have not stopped. At first I reinterpreted popular rock music that I liked. Then, when I came to Belgium, I started playing more experimental stuff; my sound evolved from pure noise to cosmic kraut shit to, at the moment, more danceable music.

How did that happen?

Maybe what made me get into this music was coming to Belgium. If I had stayed in Venezuela, I would have taken a totally different path. My influences always come from other musicians. I really like old school stuff; an important band for me is Taj Mahal Travelers, for example. I’ve come to realise that German music has been very influential for me, from legends like Conrad Schnitzler to more contemporary bands like Durian Brothers. 

Plans for the future?

Making music. I’ve been doing this all my life. Since my first release at 17, I have not stopped producing. Now I’m 30 and I can’t imagine a way of life without it. Music and I are one, I can’t do anything else!

Bear Bones, Lay Low plays Supervue Festival in Liege on 27 July.
The festival is free for members before 19.00 that day.
Join us here.