2018 so far

During our holidays we made the effort to sum up the releases that have been on high rotation in 2018 so far. We’re lucky because some of our all time favourites dropped a new gem, but we also discovered new pearls in between the algorithms. Enjoy our top 10 in no particular order and send us yours at if you don’t agree. Happy holidays!

text by Ana Laborie

U.S.Girls – in A Poem Unlimited

photo by Colin Medley

For the recordings of in A Poem Unlimited, Megan Remy counted on a special support band: The Cosmic Range, a gang of stupendously gifted Toronto players blended together into one funky interstellar-jazz supergroup. No surprise this album showcases the recognisable echoes of funk, jazz and seventies soul we know from her last albums, and even more. This is ABBA for the underground! If you’re looking for an instant classic, listen to ‘Rosebud’.

Princess Nokia – A Girl Cried Red

photo by Richard Perez

Princess Nokia is back but fiercely abandons rap to embrace what she calls her emo influences. Indeed, the tone is set on the cover on which she poses in a Slipknot t-shirt, her black hair smoothed, lips in dark pencil, rising her middle finger. High school throwbacks!

STIKSTOF – Overlast

Photo by Sasha Vernaeve

The hip hop collective from Brussels maintains a high level with their latest release. The song ‘Gele Blokken’, is one of the best rap songs made in the last couple of years. It is politically tinged work with social conscience. They remind us of Starflam’s energy in the nineties and 00’s.

Oneohtrix Point Never – Age Of

Photo by Timothy Saccenti

His ninth album and also his most conceptual. The source of inspiration for the album is the Anthropocene, the period in which we live today and began with the Industrial Revolution. The compositions go from experimental music to pop, passing through the baroque; a strange mix but it makes sense once it’s been played.

Sophie – Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides

Sophie is groundbreaking! She is one of the most influential pop artists of the moment. Her music teleports us to a new sensorial planet full of textures, metallic beats and bubblegum melodies. Mix electronics, Europop and K-pop, and then you got it.

Iceage – Beyondless

Photo by Sam Clarke

The fourth album from these Danish boys which brings them very close to pure alternative rock. Beyondless was recorded entirely analog and reminds us of early The Libertines and The Strokes. Are we finally facing the future of indie rock music?

Amen Dunes – Freedom

Photo by David Brandon Geeting

The difficult circumstances of its creation; scrapped recording sessions and his mother’s terminal cancer diagnosis made this record the most spiritual and deeply personal work of the New York-based singer. Freedom is a breakthrough, and probably already on its way to becoming a classic. Read the album review we wrote here.

Smerz – Have Fun

Photo by Maria Lyngnes

With a more experimental sound while at the same time more committed, Smerz surprises with this EP. Distortions, rhythms and synthesizers create a chaotic harmony that distinguishes their music. Their feminine universe is shaped perfectly by songs such as ’Have Fun’ and ‘Oh My My’.

Serpentwithfeet – Soil

Photo by Matthew Tammaro

An authentic cry for love, this album breaks the boundaries of the transgressor, making it comparable to genre’s greats such as Björk. A work full of beautiful poetry and melodies that is a hymn to sexual freedom.

Lauren Auder – Who Carry’s You

Photo by Laura McCluskey

Despite his young age, Auder is already signed to True Panther, also home for King Krule, Abra and Glasser. His voice captures us while the melodies make us drift away to space. This EP surely assures a promising future for the musician.


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