Lost Album

Jonas Messelier

Things get lost once in a while: bobby pins, sweaters, thoughts, a thing we once loved. There’s something about getting lost: it has the potential to be bad, yet it also enables the possibility of being found. In a world where we’re constantly overloaded with new music, it’s easy to forget the albums from the past that formed us the most. This month we’re asking Jonas Messelier, promotor of Rock Zerkegem, Purple Panda, Psych Over 9000 and booker at felesmusic.com, to dig into his musical archives and recover an album that touched his heart but was forgotten over time.

Which album do you want us to discover?
Beauregard Ajax – Deaf Priscilla

When did you first listen to it?
Around 2010 there was a reissue, I discovered the record a few years later in 2013. The album was recorded by the band itself in their home studio in 1966. They were influenced by the Beatles and experimented with an 8-track recorder each night after school.

For the fans of July, Love, Group 1850 or people who like acid trips.

Why did you want to recover this one?
It’s a gem, back in the days a lot of bands were playing covers and standards. They were one of the first bands to discover the world of songwriting. The fact that they learned playing at a very young age gave them lots of opportunities to make this great album.

For fans of?
July, Love, Group 1850 or people who like acid trips.

What is your favorite song on the album?
‘Subsequent Finale’.

This album has a lot of Eastern vibes, and it’s during this song that the album comes to its climax.

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