Chloe D’hauwe & Ine Meganck

Age: 26 & 29
Location: Ghent
Instagram: chloedhauwe + ine.meganck

Coucou! It’s Chloe and Ine here. Together, they have a catalogue of projects going from being the designer of Subba magazine issue (yep, that’s one face down on your Subba people checklist), to a book called Umwelten in Art and Architecture published by the Grafische Cel, to Toestand’s graphical identity, to a website for Estate Philippe Vandenberg, and to the poster for the next Different Class festival. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

The thing you need to remember is how they’re going about their work: by collaborating together with their stakeholders. Each new project that presents itself is taken as a way of challenging their current beliefs, valuing and respecting people’s different areas of expertise to reach a common goal. We’ll leave you with that.

We always work intensely together with people with different backgrounds and different visions.

What is your specialty?
Graphic design

How do people know you?
Artist-books / Subbacultcha magazine / Toestand / Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens

What are you working on?
The latest projects we are working on are a book called Umwelten in Art and Architecture published by the Grafische Cel, a catalogue for Hans op De Beeck’s latest exhibition in Istanbul, a website for Estate Philippe Vandenberg, a poster for Different Class, a festival organised by Subbacultcha, brochures for Allee Du Kaai and Marie Moskou projects from Toestand, an artist magazine for the Danish artist John Kørner (MDD) and a new logo for Superpaper (a monthly newspaper for new events and artists in Munich).

Do you have an exhibition soon?
No, but at the moment there’s a billboard at the design museum in Ghent. It’s a work by Ine called Ghost (family) paintings.

What will the second part of 2018 bring you?
There are some nice collaborations planned for several projects. For example, Julie Cafmeyer’s theatre / performance piece: Is this Porn? No This is Love, and her website (soon to be online).

Do you think it’s important to have a good social entourage?
Yes, there’s automatically an interaction with every assignment. We always work intensely together with our clients and most of the time these are people with different backgrounds and different visions. We learn a lot through these projects and in some cases we need to redefine our view on things. Sometimes, working intensely together with the client, they become good friends, and it’s the starting point for a long-term collaboration. There are, of course, also other projects that are completely the opposite.

How did peers influence your life?
1+1=3. We work together because we each have our own way of doing things but in the end we have the same goals. By working together we expand our vision. And that principle shouldn’t be limited to just us working together. Commissioners, but also web developers or printers or everybody who’s involved with the realisation of a project can have a big influence.


What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from your peers?
To stay flexible towards new ideas. Each new assignment we have to start from zero.

Who has most influenced you in life?
We would say that these are our teachers throughout our studies: Karel Martens, Paul Elliman, Jef Cuypers, Michaël Bussaer, Jan & Randoald, Inge Ketelers…

Do you experience peers more like a positive or a negative phenomenon? Positive!

Do you feel the need to conform to those around you?
Each commission we start again from scratch. And it’s the project that forces us to take certain decisions.

Do you regret ever giving in to peer pressure?
Yes, sometimes it’s difficult – especially when clients already have a finished image in their mind. It’s a good thing that we work together, to remind each other not to give in (so easy;)).

If so, what is the most important thing you’ve learned?
That it’s sometimes worth the extra effort.

Is there anyone in your scene who needs more attention?
Lennart Van den Bossche, a Belgian graphic designer living in Italy, just started a publishing house called POV Books (povbooks.com). He designs beautiful publications with a strong and specific selection of upcoming artists.