A mixtape by P.MAZE for Subbacultcha

Orphan Swords just got back from New-York, where they’ve played a brand new live show in Queens. P.Maze, half of the duo and programmer for Bozar Electronic, compiled and mixed some of the music they listened to during a road trip after the show. The result is an attempt to blend diverse tunes by emerging artists in one smooth mix.
In June, Orphan Swords are releasing a new EP titled Sublimation trough streaming platforms and on a limited usb drive. It comes with a t-shirt designed by Russian artist Olga Fedorova. The EP features a guest vocal appearance by Luna Violenta, known for running the cutting edge Berlin label Instruments of Discipline and for being half of the duo Operant. With this new release, Orphan Swords asserts a radical twist into avant-techno and club-oriented live performances. Warm up with the cool mix below.