Blu Samu

Age: 23
Location: Brussels (Laeken)
Instagram: 5amuraij

Fresh and young, Salomé Dos Santos is a talented MC on the rise. Hip hop isn’t just a boy’s game and Salomé has certainly proved that, with beats and lyrics that are as pure and real as her energy. Already a staple in the Brussels scene alongside her homies from Le77 and STIKSTOF, her crew is not only important as part of her daily life but also in terms of her development as an artist. Originally from Portugal and often referring to a sad period in her life where she longed to return to her home country, she took her name from that feeling of blueness. You may have seen her perform at Couleur Café or Dour; undoubtedly, this girl is exploding beyond the scene, in all the shades of ‘blu’ imaginable.

Photo by Catherine Lemblé

What’s your speciality?
Answering weird questions.

How do people know you?
For being Blu.

What are you working on?
It’s a secret, but you’ll hear from me very soon.

What will the second part of 2018 bring you?
Lots of love and fun cuz that’s what we about.


If you wanna shit, do it yourself


Are you part of a crew?
I have friends but they have little wieners.

How did peers influence your life?
Shit and then good and sometimes shit again.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from your peers?
If you wanna shit, do it yourself.

Who has most influenced you in life?
My crazy-ass momma.

I don’t regret giving in to peer pressure. Joints are great

Do you experience peers more like a positive or a negative phenomenon?
I like pears, not peers.

Do you regret ever giving in to peer pressure?
No. Joints are great.

If so, what is the most important thing you’ve learned?
Well, joints are great.

Is there anyone in your scene who needs more attention?
Morgan Van der Ghinst (beatmaker and DJ for le 77).