Simon Verheylesonne

Age: 27
Location: Brussels

Photographer, sculptor, performer, bartender at Kaaitheater… You name it, Simon Verheylesonne’s got it down. This multidisciplinary artist is thirsty and always reshaping the form of his work; he constructs and decontructs it over and over again. But that’s what makes it so great. With an entourage encouraging him to continuously search and an urge for beauty, this perpetual revision only seems logical. Besides that, Simon casually designed the artwork for Zwangere Guy’s album cover and is showing one of his pieces at the moment in the ‘Hugo Claus, Con Amore’ exhibition in Bozar. He’s got a few other things underway: a dance and visual performance piece built with his girlfriend at La Vallée in Brussels, and a sculpture residency at De School van Gaasbeek. You got it: watch this boy.

Photo by Catherine Lemblé

What’s your specialty?
I’m constantly questioning the ‘form’ of the work, so I try to deconstruct and construct it over again, trying to find the best solution for my idea… That’s what gives my work a multidisciplinary character.

How do people know you?
I’ve recently had a nice amount of attention through the exhibition ‘Hugo Claus, Con Amore’ at BOZAR where I’m showing my work. But a lot of people also know me as their bartender at Kaaitheater in Brussels. Although, from September I’ll switch my focus 100% to my work.

What are you working on?
It feels contradictory explaining works or projects that I’m planning to do, since my ideas grow very organically and the form is constantly being reshaped. What I can tell you is that my youngest project is a dance and visual art performance that my girlfriend and I are creating at this very moment.

Being the audience of your own work would be psychologically unhealthy

Do you have a show soon?
I’m preparing a solo exhibition at La Vallée in Brussels that opens during the Brussels Art Gallery weekend in September. It will be during this event, the night of the opening, that we will premiere the performance.

What will the second part of 2018 bring you?
Mostly I’ll be preparing the exhibition and working on our performance. Also, I have a residency at De School van Gaasbeek, where I’ll be working on a series of sculptures.

Are you part of a crew?
At the moment I’m not.

Do you think it’s important to have a good social entourage?
It’s important to have a sounding board instead of letting your visions resonate against the wall of your studio. Being the audience of your own work would be psychologically unhealthy.

My peers have encouraged my continuous search and urge for beauty


How did peers influence your life?
They’ve encouraged my continuous search and urge for beauty.

If so, what is the most important thing you’ve learned from it?
Work with intensive dedication.

Do you regret any time you’ve given in to peer pressure?
Not really, I think a lot of people have to go through this phase where they want to ‘fit’ in.

Is there anyone in your scene who needs more attention?
Not that I can think of immediately… But, there is one friend, Wannes Vanwijnsberghe, a painter, who is very dear to me and whom I deeply respect. Now, it gives me joy to see that he’s also starting to get the attention that he deserves.