It started eight years ago at the stairs of the church at Place Ste. Catherine. Back then only some young creative kids who wanted to make it, were hanging there, now it’s a well-known place for tourists. Some of those young kids back then have now emerged as STIKSTOF. The past years have been crazy for this hip hop collective : three albums, shows all over Belgium, even in NYC, but most of all: a whole lot of fan love. We talked about their upcoming summer and how they prepare themselves for a busy festival season.

Text by Laura-Andréa Callewaert
Picture by STIKSTOF

What is this Summer bringing you guys?

Summer of 2018 will be the most exciting summer until now. We’re playing festivals like Dour, Couleur Café, Lokerse Feesten and Rock Werchter. For some of them we never thought we would make it to their line-up. Rock Werchter, for example, could be very interesting for us. Dour and Couleur Café are like coming home. Especially Couleur Café… It’s a festival that’s close to our hearts, we had some crazy experiences there. Lokerse Feesten is a good one too, their amazing food backstage is a plus for us because we love to eat great food. Actually, we should make a track about food on our next album (laughs)

Which festival performance has been the best one throughout the years?

Definitely Couleur Café, three years ago. It was the first time that the tent was too small for everyone in the crowd to fit. We saw friends of us faint in the audience, there was a guy in a wheelchair that was almost crowdsurfing and we had just released our first track with Roméo Elvis back then. He was still little Roméo at that time. The crowd was legendary and it truly was a magical moment for us. We knew like: ‘Okay, we’re in now’.

Which festivals did you go to when you weren’t performing at them?

I think we aren’t the kind of guys who love to go camping at a festival for five days. Living in a tent, eating cookies all day and not wash yourself; our kicks are too fresh for that. We did it sometimes but it’s more fun when you can return home every night and shower. That’s why Couleur Café has always been a good festival for us. Besides Couleur Café we always go to Reggae Geel as well, there’s less people and more chill sessions.

Which festival would you like to play one day?

Wow, that would be Coachella (laughs). Imagine STIKSTOF at Coachella, how funny would that be? A friend of ours organises a festival in Estonia on a lake. The stages are floating on the water and everybody has their own little boat to watch the shows. If we could play there, that would be mad too. APPELSAP would be nice to get into the Amsterdam scene. But we like Belgium too much, if we could get a stage at Dour with Frontal for example, like Lefto has right now, that would be amazing for us.

STIKSTOF is playing KluB C at Werchter, 7 July