Kasper-Jan Selects voetbalfestivaldefootball

Beursschouwburg is leaving for the summer out loud again, although they are bringing in a new name : voetbalfestivaldefootball – for people with friends who like football. Music lovers can drop their friends on the terrace while they can enjoy top notch refreshing artists inside. Oh, and there will be film, performances and free entry, did we mention that?

GQOM OH! labelnight

15 June

GQOM OH! describe their music as ‘apocalyptic riot music’ that’s reflective of South Africa’s strained history. Founder Nan Kolè is a dj, producer, natural-born musical activist and a long-time advocate of contemporary African music. He will be performing together with Griffit Vigo, also a GQOM OH! pioneer.
Dr Kwest, founder of Futuristik Soul, is performing a fusion of traditional Congolese music with 808 drums. You could know him from his radio show called ‘Quest For The Beat’ on Radio Panik. Later on the Rebel Up dj’s are mixing in their sounds from the global underground.

Essaie pas + Maoupa Mazzocchetti + Rick Shiver

16 June

Essaie Pas is an electronic duo consisting of Marie Davidson and Pierre Guerineau. The duo from Montreal is known for their abstract and pulsating dance music. They describe it as dystopian synth-futurism combined with ambient tones and atmospheric textures amongst their rhythmic violence. Don’t even try to copy because you will not succeed.
They are supported by Maoupa Mazzocchetti and Rick Shiver, both from Brussels. Mazzocchetti has a sonic vision which constantly straddles the line between wild experimentation and dancefloor compatibility. A mix of claustrophobic, noise-induced sounds, primitive drum machine rhythms and agitated synths. The eclectic dj Rick Shiver, who constantly switches from new to old sounds, has only one goal: to make the audience dance!

Born in Flamez + Mika Oki + Otis

22 June

Berlin-based Born in Flamez is a trans humanistic project without gender or boundaries, driven by the conviction that humanity has the evolution in its own hands. A fusion of ambient, grime, industrial pop, reggaeton and future electronics. Pretty impressive mix, don’t you think? Mika Oki is a French-Japanese visual and sound artist from Brussels. She tries to blur the boundaries between techno, electro-acoustic and ambient/narrative sounds. Last but not least; Otis, the founder of Slagwerk, a collective who tries to bring an unconventional sound to the Brussels audience. Formally known as Trime, he is now heading into a new direction and playing under his new alter ego for the first time. Who knows what he might do?

Rare Akuma + Luvgang

6 July

If you’re from Antwerp and have wandered into the hip-hop and trap scene, you’ve probably heard of Rare Akuma. He started editing songs when he was only 13 years old; now he’s fully grown into an amazing producer combining all sorts of crazy genres you wouldn’t normally mix together. So, prepare yourself for some biting raps and bold basses. He is supported by Luvgang, a collective from Brussels, Paris and Miami. You’ve probably heard them on Kiosk Radio, serving good vibes and a whole lot of luv.

Giant Swan + Simon Halsberghe + DJ Athome

7 July

Giant Swan, consisting of Robin Stewart and Harry Wright from Bristol, are always full of energy with their aggressive dance music, quaking basses and electronic noise. A perfect mix of hardcore punk and techno.
Enjoy some dark and deep techno provided by Simon Halsberghe from Brussels. He runs the label BXL and composes music for theatre shows and fashion brands. The last one to complete the line-up is DJ Athome, one half of Front de Cadeaux, bringing some italo wave and house vibes for you guys!


13 June – 15 July