The first names of Different Class 2018

This Summer, Different Class is back for another round with that sweet music of the underground. For the past five years, Subbacultcha has been curating a festival that gathers the most trailblazing acts of the moment. 2018 brings the festival to Bar Bricolage, a brand new location with an indoor venue, a restaurant & a cosy outdoor bar. We are thrilled to dance together on the tunes of Carla dal Forno, Blue Hawaii and Oklou to start with. In the following weeks we’ll add 3 more names to the lineup. The Other Brothers feat. Icy Fake & Run The Jules are playing the outdoor hangout.

Carla dal Forno

Blackest Ever Black’s latest signee has one single under her belt, and it’s already sold out twice over. Because what a single it is. Berlin-based Aussie Carla dal Forno of F ingers and Tarcar brings her ethereal, languid vocals to Fast Moving Cars, which is simultaneously a love song and a resolution, the resolve to live and explore the void of the present. With a bassline that pounds with each heartbeat and minimal, effective arrangements, this is one to play over and over again, until your mind dissolves along with that faraway, unassailable melody.


Oklou founded the all-women DJ crew TGAF in Paris, while also releasing her own trip-hop-inspired, experimental productions online. She’s part of the Nuxxe gang who’s featured in the Dazed 100 list of 2018. NUXXE, Coucou ChloeOklouSega Bodega, and Shygirl, is both a collective and a record label, founded on the group’s shared no-fucks approach to genre or categorisation.

Blue Hawaii

Take one part Raphaelle Standell-Preston –also known from dreamy indie-pop band Braids–, and one part Agor Cowan and you’ll end up with Blue Hawaii. This beautiful Montreal electro-pop duo serves you ethereal vocals paired with understated beats. It’s like watching the world through cerulean blue shades. It’s mountains. It’s Canada. It’s cool.

Different Class 2018
11 August, Bar Bricolage

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