Lost Album


Things get lost once in a while: bobby pins, sweaters, thoughts, a thing we once loved. There’s something about getting lost: it has the potential to be bad, yet it also enables the possibility of being found. In a world where we’re constantly overloaded with new music, it’s easy to forget the albums from the past that formed us the most. This month we’re asking Michiel Claus, or maybe better known as DJ Walrus, to dig into his musical archives and recover an album that touched the heart but was forgotten over time.

Which album do you want us to discover?
Luomo’s (Sasu Ripatti aka Vladislav Delay) album Vocalcity on the German label Force Tracks released in the summer of 2000.

When did you first listen to it?
Around 2013 when my friend Senjan introduced me to it at his house in Antwerp.


It has the potential of growing on you, covering you slowly like ivy

Why did you want to recover this one?
For generations a bit older than me this album is not something rare or undiscovered, it was a big hit and a clicking point in a genre called microhouse. But for my generation and the ones coming after, it can be an undiscovered and overlooked album. It has the potential of growing on you, covering you slowly like ivy. Watch out!

For fans of?
For fans of non-contractual but enlarged love (and electronic dance music). I’ve always compared Vocalcity to Noah Lennox’s Person Pitch album. It’s another musical medium with different instrumentation and grooves but it has the same effect on me. It must be the way of using vocals in the centre of the long tracks and building all the rest around it.

Because you move the way you move

What is your favourite song on the album?
It’s better to listen to the whole album, that way you get the full impression, and understand its power. I’ve also recently discovered that cleaning the windows of your house or apartment helps to enjoy this album. Let the light come into your lives.

‘Because you move the way you move.’


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