Photo Essay

Poppy Ackroyd

Classical music always tells a certain story: sometimes it’s very sad, sometimes it’s theatrically delightful, but it’s always extremely realistic. Poppy Ackroyd brings it to the next level: she makes us long for more.

The classically trained pianist, violinist, producer and composer is part of the legendary Hidden Orchestra group but has focused on her own musical growth for the past couple of years. She immediately turned heads in the neo-classical world by recording improvised contemporary classical piano motifs and then rearranging and manipulating these sounds digitally. The result is a fusion of electronic and acoustic in a post-classical setting, an innovative mosaic of calming sounds. With an intimate feel her compositions are flourishing all the time, layer by layer.

Photos shot by Lee Robbins, in Brighton, U.K.

Elsewhere: Poltrock + Poppy Ackroyd, 16 May, Kruidtuin (STUK), Leuven.
Members who’d like to attend the event need to mail before 14 May to make a reservation