Recent Finds


Text by Isaline, Hannes, Laura & Gabriela

Turnaround: Arnaud Eubelen & Lisa Meyer
Until 12 May at Space Collection, Liège
Free entrance

Both having grown up with the sound of race cars against the backdrop of the silent woods that surround the racing circuit of Spa-Francorchamps, artists Lisa Meyer and Arnaud Eubelen chose this specific location as the research topic for their new project, TURNAROUND. The result is an ultra subjective report using various mediums – ranging from photography and installations to soundscapes – to transcribe the sensations lived during their on-site research. Digging into the characteristics of Francorchamps they tumbled on various links between a racetrack and the infinite movement of human life. As Arnaud Eubelen says: ‘On a circuit we turn in circles, but each turn is different. Long straight lines are succeeded by curves, there are climbs, descents. And on top of that you have the fervour of competition and the brutality of road exits.’ The race circuit as a metaphor for the human walk of life.

Moesha 13

Moesha 13 is a singer, performer and DJ from Marseille. Her debut track, ‘En I’, is a catchy tune produced by King Doudou that sounds like Capri Sun, sunbeams, melting asphalt roads and motorbikes fiercely pulling up. Most of her productions draw from reggaeton or dancehall underneath light-filled French vocals drenched in autotune. Moesha 13 has undeniably strong ties to hybrid club culture surfing between gadjicore, Atlanta hip hop, gabber and even some trash metal when DJ-ing. She also fux with football jerseys, flashy Yamahas and post-internet aesthetics. It’s that internet she was once addicted to, a complete immersion in the matrix that proved to be meaningful in the end.

2 May from 10:00 to 23:00, at De Krook, Ghent
Free entrance

TUMULTINGENT, the arts festival hosted by local radio station Ghent, is hijacking the massive De Krook building with a daring mishmash of artistic presentations. For the sixth edition, a bunch of Ghentian cultural institutes – including Art Cinema OFFoff, CAMPO and Democrazy, as well as artist-run platforms and collectives In De Ruimte, STOFWOLK and De Koer – were asked to pick their favourite cutting-edge players of the local art scene. Be prepared for a tumultuous invasion of art in each corner and on every floor of the building, turning the library into a temple of art for one day only.

Anna Vs. June

Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) returns to its roots in Berlin for its 20th installment, hosting lectures, studio sessions and one-of-a-kind music events. Over the years the academy has  kickstarted the careers of talented musicians from around the world. Shuffling through this year’s selection we handpicked Anna Vs. June as the most intriguing. Anna Papaioannou combines Greek folk and ambient music with both digital and analogue tools. With a background in sound design for theatre and film she composes a soundtrack for her soft-yet-steady vocals to provide a sonic journey into the extreme boundaries of pop. She’s not one to shy away from layers and complex textures in her sound. Other familiar names like Milan W., Wasted Fates, DJ Heroin and metabora join the RBMA line-up in September.

The Greatest Show on Earth: Louis Janssens & Timo Sterckx
23 and 24 May at Campo, Ghent

The Greatest Show on Earth is the graduation project by two drama students from KASK called Louis Janssens & Timo Sterckx. They use the book Europeana as the key element of the show. The book, by Patrik Ourednik, illustrates a short history of Europe in the 20th century. By memorising and reciting the whole book to the public and asking them questions about it the artists want to create a conception of history, eurocentrism, graduating, being young and finding a good balance. The show will last for four hours and the public are free to walk around, enter and exit whenever they like. Life is all about finding balance and maybe this show will give you the missing pieces.

SALTY RAIN, This is Not a Déjà-Vu – Shirley Villavicencio
Opening night 6 May, expo until 10 June at Geukens & De Vil, Antwerp

Shirley Villavicencio Pizango is what may be called a multifaceted artist. Passionate about painting portraits and an art teacher for children on the side, she invests a lot of her time and energy into meeting new people who will trigger a unique, moving inspiration for her portraits. “As an artist I try to make people live my experiences. My paintings reflect situations from my own life. Intimate moments to myself which I shared with others.” Her inspirations include Frida Kahlo and Picasso. You can see her intimate paintings at her solo exhibition in Antwerp.

The Ballet – Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe
30 May at Vooruit, Ghent

Benjamin is a young performer, often inspired by opera, who is finishing his studies in performance arts at TAM. He calls himself a narcissist and a wannabe counter-tenor. With a lot of shows to his name, including ‘My Inner Songs’ with Laurens Marien, he is now working on his graduation show, called ‘The Ballet’, alongside his friend Emiel Vandenberghe. The show will contain 15 large paintings of the Ballet of Flanders which will ‘dance’ together with the performers. In this performance Meirhaeghe brings opera and dance together in a very innovative way, searching for a parallel universe. It’s a dark combination of contemporary and classical arts.

Table Dance, Antwerp

Google ‘Table Dance Antwerp’ and you’ll get results that are only helpful if you’re on a budget for your friend’s stag party. But we’re talking about a different kind of Table Dance here; indeed, in a bid to Make Antwerp Great Again, electronica chef Roman Hiele has teamed up with his girlfriend (and St. John’s-trained food wizard) Michelle Woods for a true labour of love. At Table Dance, not only can you have puffy puffs and eggy eggplant to go with your geuze, but also get your fill of top-notch musical acts and art happenings curated by your magical hosts. This month: a live set by Icelandic electronic artiste Kraftgalli on May 5 and a series of contemporary art manifestations in collaboration with Antwerp Art Weekend. Everything is close in Antwerp, so may nothing come between you and your table dance.

Night Shop Gallery Chez Madeleine

A new kind of art space currently dwells in downtown Brussels, and you’d be forgiven for not noticing it at all. Chez Madeleine is a place for photography, video installations, performance art…camouflaged within the interior of your trusty neighborhood night shop. You might remember our music writer Hannes mentioning the Ghent-based producer Nightshop doing release shows in night shops, and it should come as no surprise that Chez Madeleine was one of them. Stay tuned to future happenings every weekend, which are scheduled to run up till August. Your favourite beer-and-snack provider has just become your new favourite venue.