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May is gonna be crazy with an infinite list of concerts. We turned to Stijn Theus from Hotsjumenas to help us see through the haze by picking out his favourite events in May. “I’m the worst person to plan things in advance, so I’m only going to mention local gigs here in Antwerp. Our own agenda is going to be super intense and with all the upcoming hangovers, I’m not sure if I’m gonna be able to crawl out of this chauvinistic shithole to see another show.”

Text by Stijn Theus

Uniform, Appäratus and Penus at Het Bos
3 May

There’s loads of good and weird punk being put out these days and a rebirth for the genre, we’ve been throwing shows together with The City is Dead. The City is Dead is responsible for loads of great gigs that made it into our ‘best of the year’ lists (if we’d ever make one) with bands like Uranium Club, Lumpy & The Dumpers and Warm Bodies. Uniform is gonna be awesome and though it doesn’t only sounds great as a band name, Penus are also killing it live. Appäratus isn’t really my thing, I’m not really a fan of that oldschool hardcore punk sound. I’m also a pussy.

Hot Sjot Pop Fest #3 at Het Bos
11 May

We’re late! More than half a year too late but we don’t really care cuz it’s actually happening in less than a month! A corporate message and bland product placement by Hotsjumenas, yes, but one for good measure. Vaguess is flying all the way over from Costa Mesa to do a mini tour and stop by our Fest (backed by members of Stratocastors), Schiach (new band with membs of Pisse, Heavy Metal and Sick Horse) is doing the same thing but by car and from Germany, Brain Traps are huge fans of Vaguess and are coming over from Köln to see them play, so we threw them on the line-up as well, and Warm Swords (Caelan of Regal and with members of the Staches) is gonna play Antwerp on their first tour ever. The rest of the line-up is made up by local favorites and friends. We just have to figure out a way to put all those bands up on stage in one night…

Zing Zang Zong with KIEFF, ERO GURO and RODA LITS at Haar
19 May

New live concept at Haar, the new venue of the now defunct vzw Emma, an awesome place where we organized the first two editions of our Fest. Kieff has recently played a really tight show in Antwerp, Ero Guro is without a doubt the best new garage punk band around and Roda Lits is on a roll these days, so we’re not gonna miss this one! Oh and someone please put out that Kieff EP on vinyl, will ya?

Uniform, Appäratus and Penus at Het Bos on May 3 is free for members. Join here.