Bouge B Festival

Bouge B, the anthology of upcoming performances and dance talents, lands again this spring in Antwerp. Known for its triggering, atypical performances in unique places through the building, the festival presents the perfect place to discover new talent. Prepare yourself to be blown away.

Words by Laura Callewaert

WWWater – 26 April

Charlotte Adigery, Flemish with Caribbean roots, brings with WWWater one of the most exciting musical projects of the moment. She provides us with a perfect mix of deep drums, minimalist electronics and droning basses combined with her angelic voice. Live she is assisted by Steve Slingeneyer from Soulwax on the drums and Bolis Popul from DEEWEE on the synths. This girl is certainly one to watch!

Cecilia Bengolea & Florentina Holzinger – 26 April

For the first time these two choreographers/power women are diving together in the dance studio. Out of love for nature and a concern for the ecological catastrophe caused by humans, Bengolea and Holzinger zoom in on the microcosm of animals and insects. They immerse themselves in the dance of the mantis religiosa, the most famous praying mantis. They mix these insect movements with Afro and Caribbean dance styles. A very interesting concept.

Geumhyung Jeong – 26 April

Geumhyung Jeong, a South Korean performance artist who constantly renegotiates the relationship between the human body and the world around it. Through intense interactions with her own body she gives bizarre meanings to simple and everyday objects. By doing this, she gradually challenges our conventional ideas about sexuality, technology and the female body. In Oil Vibrator she mixes elements from theatre, dance and documentary film.



Bouge B takes place from 26 till 29 April in deSingel, Antwerp. More info here. Day 2 on 27 April is free for Subbacultcha members. Join here