I had the chance to chat with Baptist from Beatsforbeaches, a super-active Ostende native Brusseleer nightlife activist, party organiser, producer and label owner. He will perform at a sold out Nuits Botanique event on April 30th, alongside Angele and Atome. We talked about his plans to build a wellness center, pop music, his love for the sea and his influences.

Interview by Andrea Mancini

Have you already played at Botanique? Do you think the location and crowd will influence your show?
I’ve already played in the cave downstairs b2b with Phonetics on a dubstep night with Headhunter (Addison Groove). On 30/04 I’m gonna play in the Orangerie and this time I’m only gonna play my own stuff so that’s very exciting. People can expect all kinds of vibes from me that night, from wavy dreamy ambient vibes to more uptempo grimey bass-driven beats.

I hear some UK references in your music; which artists or labels are your main influence?
I’ve been a big fan for years of labels like Hyperdub, Warp, Planet Mu, Ninja tune… I believe these labels dare to experiment and catch you off guard. The UK sound from the last past 10 years has definitely had a big influence. I’ve been listening to Rinse and Sub FM almost every day these last years.

I hope one day we can open something like a wellness center together, because why not?

Is there a leitmotiv in your last release(s)?
I really like to use sub-bass in my music. And most of my tracks have a dark atmosphere. With my latest release that just dropped on Bassin records, I felt an urge to go back to my roots as a dubstep DJ and make heavy bass-influenced music around 140 BPM with gritty grime synths and a dark ambiance. Also working together with my bros Ezzy and Yassassin; we made this EP that has a lot of UK bass influences.

How is your label doing?
Basin records is now 3 months old, so it’s like a little baby. Our plan for the first year is to release some free digital EP’s to present our sound and to try and get some djs to play them in their sets . At the moment only friends have released on Bassin records so it’s still kind of a family thing right now. We are saving up money to release our first vinyl record. This as an open call to all promoters out there to book us so we can raise the money needed for this.

Angele is playing on same the event. Would you consider a more ‘pop’ collaboration?
I’m open to any kind of collaboration. Like last year I had Léon, Dhazed and Agneskena singing on a couple of my tracks and we got some more ‘commercial’ bookings and even some commercial radioplay which was very cool, but I feel more comfortable in the underground scene.

I make music that helps me to escape

What’s your link to Pim from Crevette Records?
Besides being a brother from another mother and being both part of the ‘We Bring You’ team since day one , he’s a guy I deeply respect. He has such an energy and vision to do his thing. I’m very proud of what’s he’s doing with Crevette. Not only his wonderful shop but also the label, distribution network, parties, … I’ve also learned a lot from him. I hope one day we can open something like a wellness center together, because why not?

Why the name ‘beatsforbeaches’?
I was born in Ostend then moved to Brussels when I was 11 but I always miss the seaside. I love Brussels but sometimes I wish I could escape for a few hours to lie down on a beach somewhere. I haven’t found that spot yet in Bxl so I make music that helps me to escape. Off course I also think my music is perfect to play at the beach.

Beatsforbeaches is performing at Les Nuits, 30 April, Botanique Brussels.