Lost Album

Consouling Sounds

Things get lost once in a while: bobby pins, sweaters, thoughts, a thing we once loved. There’s something about getting lost: it has the potential to be bad, yet it also enables the possibility of being found. In a world where we’re constantly overloaded with new music, it’s easy to forget the albums from the past that formed us the most. This month we’re asking Mike Keirsbilck, the driving force behind Consouling Sounds, to dig into his musical archives and recover an album that touched the heart but was forgotten over time.

Which album do you want us to discover?
There are quite a lot of albums that deserve a revisit. So, my choice is heavily influenced by my current mood. I picked Syndrome’s Floating Veins. Syndrome is Mathieu Vandekerckhove’s (lead guitarist in Amenra) solo moniker. Now And Forever and the follow up Forever And A Day put him on the international post rock/ambient/drone map, but his 2011’s full length debut is a more industrial beast of an album that certainly deserves the same attention as his previous albums. It’s a restless and relentless, yet soothing piece of art. A perfect companion for me in these busy times.

When did you first listen to it?
I listened to it in 2011, and I keep on revisiting it regularly.

It’s a restless and relentless, yet soothing piece of art.

Why did you want to recover this one?
This might be the debut album, you can hear Syndrome is still experimenting to find his sound, but it’s a very powerful album in its own right. Most of the songs are compact and concise. They paint crystal clear pictures in an average of just 6 minutes — which is very exceptional within the genre. You can already hear where Mathieu is going to take Syndrome, with his expert soundscaping ever present. It does pack another punch, being clearly influenced by industrial music. This makes the album a unique piece of work. Soundscapes, melodies and brooding vibes are woven into six very uncommon tracks, that manage to resonate in every fiber of my body. The energy and atmosphere of the debut full length really stands out for me.

For fans of?
This one is obviously for fans of doomy, drony music, who can also fancy a taste of industrial music. If I were to pin it down, I’d place it somewhere on the intersection of Fear Falls Burning, Jesu/Godflesh and Aidan Baker/Nadja.

This one is for fans of doomy, drony music, who can also fancy some industrial tones

What is your favorite song on the album?
This albums really works as a whole for me. To my ears, it has a head, a body and a tail. Difficult to zoom into just one track, but if I were to point towards perhaps the most poignant track, it would be ‘Absence’.

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