Freedom by Amen Dunes

Although we don’t review albums anymore – because, you know, it’s a thing from back when you were tearing these out of a magazine and putting them in your room in high school (only the classics made it to your holy wall btw), here’s one for you anyway.

Photos shot by David Brandon Geeting in Greenpoint

For the last months, we’ve been listening to Freedom from start till end almost on repeat. From ‘I don’t have any ideas myself; I have a vacant mind’ to ‘That’s all Not me’. There must be only one good reason: this is music that makes us proud and love what we are doing, to see artists growing to that point finally reaching a bigger audience without letting go their ‘trueness’.

I don’t have any ideas myself; I have a vacant mind

When we first put on an Amen Dunes show in 2012, we called it ‘Weenblues’ for a reason: ‘blues that makes you cry’. Like triple emotional. In the For Real (not kidding!) Issue of October 2012 we wrote ‘benumbing lo-fi pop’ as a description of Damon McMahon’s music. While thinking what to say about this last drop, we suddenly thought it doesn’t need a description or a pigeonhole: it transcends all genres.

Why? Every song on Freedom is sincere to you, to the office, and to a lot of people (if you count the reviews). This is music that is true and for real. It’s great art because it doesn’t only reflect the emotions of Amen Dunes in the first place anymore but opens up to let the audience make up his own story. It works as long it works for you and ‘When things go black I got you’. Amen Dunes has become everybody’s spirit, he’s guiding us, he’s the one you’re getting along with.

The cue point is letting go of your own stories; having no other personal responsibility than looking straight into the future; not wasting time on things that don’t matter. To improve what you can instead what you can’t, to look out for what makes you happy or proud, instead of letting you down. To find out that what you are doing is what you’ve been born to do. Good stuff has to do with this. Primary authenticity.

That’s all Not me

We have to admit it makes us happy when music is just telling it all so straightforwardly to your face. Therefore, Freedom is a breakthrough, and probably already on its way to becoming a classic. Y’all better hang this on your wall.

Amen Dunes play Les Nuits – 27 April, Botanique, Brussels
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