First Hate – Lonely Orbit

It’s almost a year since Danish artpop duo First Hate released their debut album A Prayer For The Unemployed. The album was filled with cold and danceable synth-driven tracks and is still on heavy rotation here. To celebrate the one year anniversary of APFTU, the band has put together a new music video for one of the album highlights ‘Lonely Orbit’ – a song about drifting into space and watching Earth disappear before your eyes. The video is made of footage Anton and Joakim have gathered on their tours through Europe, Russia, USA, The Middle East and Asia.

‘We put together a video for Lonely Orbit to celebrate the new spring while looking back at a year that passed so quickly and to pay a tribute to all of our fans in all the cities we have visited’ – Anton

‘It’s a sad and beautiful world we live in. Being able to travel and explore it is a privilege that not all humans have. We are very grateful for all the beauty, hospitality and love we have experienced’ – Angel

After a 2017 that have earned the boys massive international attention the sold out record have now been repressed with a limited edition fold out boysband style poster inside and new details.
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