The Sound Of Me

Gilke Vanuytsel

Music — this thing that is as much part of our life as it shapes it. Whether we’re going through the perks of early mornings or in search of the perfect catalyst to get a party started, we all have a mental playlist for specific memories and moments. This month we asked Gilke Vanuytsel, music promoter at Beursschouwburg, to take some time to reflect on moments in life and the music that completed them.

A song that helps you focus when you’re working

When I need to focus or need to calm down, I like to play this song really loud. A huge sound with loads of humor in it.

A song for working out

It’s a new song from Teklife youngest member. These days I’m pretty hooked on his album during my running sessions. Real vitamin C.

A song for nostalgic moments

Warm and fuzzy, but then the lo-fi vintage sound gets really noisy and fades away like memories 🙂 So sentimental and cheesy!

A song that makes you sad

One of the strongest and most emotional songs about loneliness, flakiness and emptiness… but it is so beautiful.

A song for on the road

For me, this is a great track to stay focused and relaxed when I’m driving back at night from concerts or festivals. The remix by Demdike Stare is nothing like the original, it got totally stripped and became heavy as stone. A massive track.


19 April NAH + Stakattak play the Beursschouwburg.
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