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April is booming with exciting events and concerts, so time to say goodbye to the hibernation and go back outside. To help us pick where to go this month we asked Mia Prce, better known as Miaux, which events we can’t miss this April.

Table Dance – Opening party
31 March

Technically this event starts on the last day of March, but the party will be going strong during the first hours of April! Food wizard Michelle Woods and music magician Roman Hiele are opening a new venue in Antwerp called Table Dance, which will let us have a taste of what’s to come. Dancing to great dj’s like Jan Matthé, Dennis Tyfus and Allon Kaye (I’ll also be putting on some Yugoslavian electronica) while tasting good-goodies by Antwerp’s finest food collectives and drinking cocktails! What a great combo! 


De Onzichtbare Man by Theater Artemis at Bronks
2 April

On the 2nd of April I’ll be watching De Onzichtbare Man by Theater Artemis at Bronks in Brussels. The first piece I saw by Theater Artemis was ‘De Man Die Alles Wist’, starring René van ‘t Hof. The play was so extremely hilarious, my cheeks started to hurt from laughing and the crowd (of mostly children) was going totally bonkers! Amazing!  I’m very much looking forward to seeing their newest production.


Expo Thumbsucker’s Delight at Trampoline Gallery
22 March to 5 May

Vedran’s exhibition openend on March 22nd with Croatian spirits (rakija) that must have brought the attendants in the perfect mood immediately! I was on tour (in Berlin that night), but I can imagine the good vibes. He’s a young Antwerp artist with a big Balkan heart who tends to surprise me each time, whether it’s with his band Fluwelen Koord or with his artwork. Curious to see the universe he created for our secret lives. 

Miaux is performing at Het Bos, April 5.
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